Thursday, February 21, 2008

63 reasons to love Luke!

1. He is cute.
2. He says "G'day"
3. He writes "I love Janessa Moss" in the sand.
4. His fingers never smell like smoke.
5. Dad likes him.
6. He LOVES the USA!
7. He is LDS.
8. He is not chubby.
9. He likes our family.
10. The family likes him.
11. He wanted to give his DS to Eddy.
12. Eddy loves him.
13. He has brown eyes.
14. He has brown hair.
15. He is so nice.
16. Mom like him.
17. He will take a girl to the temple.
18. His mom likes Janessa.
19. He bought Taylor a boomerang.
20. He is tall but not too tall.
21. He wears hoodies at the cinema.
22. Sara likes him.
23. He knows how to throw anotha shrimp on the barbie.
24. He is generous.
25. He puts up with Janessa and still loves her.
26. We like the way he talks.
27. He'll treat you right.
28. Brian likes him.
29. He spent Christmas in a foreign land.
30. He would be a good father.
31. Regan likes him.
32. He likes mint oreos.
33. He likes to go shopping.
34. He is not gay.
35. His initials spell LAW
36. Jessica likes him.
37. HE showed Danny how to pull his thumb off.
38. His breath never smells like beer.
39. He likes Montana.
40. He doesn't leave the toilet seat up.
41.Cameron likes him.
42. He is Australian.
43.He'll move across the world to be near you.
44.He is good with kids.
45.He is handy.
46.Margaret likes him
47. He can lay tile.
48. He is not a bum.
49. He likes Disneyland
50.He conserves water.
51. Kylene likes him.
52. He does a good gay impression.
53. You don't deserve him.
54. Danny likes him.
55. Jason likes him.
56. Jeremy likes him.
57.He has a job.
58.Audrey likes him.
59. Janie likes him.
60. Shawnel likes him.
61. Really you love him.
62. He is the best thing that could ever happen to you.
63. He is forgiving.

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