Saturday, March 01, 2008

Chicken boarding school??

I love fresh eggs. Moose used to work with a guy who kept chickens and for a couple of years we were treated to free farm eggs. Eventually he stopped keeping chickens and I was left to buy my own eggs, there was a farm nearby that sold them, but they stopped.

My neighbor says that then they bought their house there was a paper that said "no chickens" on it, but I never saw such a rule. I don't know if our yard is big enough anyway. I think I will call the county and ask. Not that Moose would EVER let me have chickens on our tiny lot.

I have 2 friends that keep chickens and I am envious. Our babysitter (daughter of one of the friends) suggested that it wouldn't be anymore work to take care of 6-8 chickens than it is to take care of 4 and hinted that maybe my chickens could board at their house. I told her maybe she should check with her mom before she offered that, also It didn't sound fair that they do all the work and I get the spoils, though of course I would pay for feed.

Then I got to thinking, wouldn't it be cute to get chicks in Easter baskets? Then I looked on Craigslist and found chicks for sale.

So I am just wondering, anyone out there who wants to board some chickens for me? I would like to get Araucanas for the pretty eggs but if that won't jive with your flock I could change my mind.

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