Friday, March 23, 2012

Tales of the Alhambra by Anonymous

I picked up a used copy of Tales of the Alhambra today.  I had heard the title before but didn't know it was written by Washington Irving. It has charming colored engraving illustrations.

And on the fly leaf this is penned in blue ball point:
"September 30, 1981,
As we approached the Alhambra this morning, a young gypsy woman handed me a red carnation, grabbed my right hand and proceeded to tell my fortune.  As it was in southern Spanish I couldn't understand most of it, but I did get the words 'a great love life.' I told her 'Thanks, but I have already had it' as she grabbed my left hand. 
Every girl should, just once in her lifetime, have her fortune told on a sunny morning in Spain at the entrance to the Alhambra, by a gypsy fortune teller. Now shouldn't she?"

The book cost me $0.50 but I think the story was priceless.

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Anonymous said...

I have that old book, too.
I love it as well!
Would love to visit the Alhambra!