Thursday, September 20, 2012


A while back I decided to have a few friends over for a luncheon.  I wanted to use my vintage snack plates.  The number of plates I have number 8 so the guest list numbered 7.

When Nutmeg heard about it she insisted that she be the maid and serve us.  Actually, she says "Suhv."  So I made this little hat inspired by the maid's  cap in the movie Fast and Loose.  This one is obviously ridiculously big.

 She did everything.  The only thing the guests were allowed to do was get a plate and fill their punch glass.
It reminded me of the maid "Liza" in Peter Pan

 Of course cleaning the house was a gargantuan undertaking but after that is was lovely.  Keira popped over in the morning to help me decorate.

I am struggling with my desire to decorate in a clean, crisp modern feeling when all of my experience has been in Heavy Victorian. Sometimes I need assistance.

 This was my favorite part of the day:

Happy Birthday to me!

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