Wednesday, January 09, 2008

The Jane Eyre

As you may know Jane Eyre is hands down my favorite book. I have seen many film adaptations of Jane Eyre some have been ok, some have been poor, some have their good points like Orson Wells' performance coupled with dark and eerie cinematography.

But the latest Jane Eyre done by the BBC is good, really good. I first saw it on Masterpiece Theatre last spring( ?) and I watched it again this week. The first time around my 6 and 3 year old boys watched it with me. They were really excited about the "ghost. "

This adaptation is faithful to the book. A few things are added that appear to only clarify points that are made in the book but don't translate into action or dialogue.

When I read Jane Eyre I am overcome with emotion. The passions in the book are so powerful and often seem to be overlooked in the film versions. This version has passion, the characters talk about the passions they feel.

Rochester is a little too handsome and not at all hideous even after the accident, but hey since Mr. Rochester is one of my biggest crushes I won't object to him being easy on the eyes.

The costumes were great which is always a major factor for me in period films.

So put it on your netflix queue and watch it already.

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Jenny said...

I'm glad to have found your "secret" blog! I loved that version of Jane Eyre as well. I've seen another version, can't remember who did it that I did not like. I haven't read the book...I think I'll have a hard time getting into because it is quite depressing! Hope your checking out our blog:)