Friday, June 25, 2010

The Naming

Finding a name for the house is proving difficult. I thought for a while that we had it nailed down, but no. So, I am going to have you vote for your favorite name. There is a poll on the right of the blog. I will not be bound by the results but your input would be greatly appreciated. Please vote for your favorite:
Blessing House - this house is a blessing and answer to our prayers and faith.
Providence - the Lord has provided this place for us.
Starlings - after Mrs. Miniver's place in the country. I didn't want to filch a name but it feels right somehow.
Blessings Rest - this is the place where our blessings have come to rest.
If you need some refresher pictures follow this link.
Thanks for voting!


Afton said...

If you name it Providence, I might show up there in the middle of the night thinking I'm at the ER. I'm just saying.

Moose said...