Friday, July 02, 2010

Voting has Ended

Thank you everyone for voting. Before the poll I was having a tough time deciding between "Providence" and "Starlings." and now after the poll where "Starlings" and "Providence" recieved the same amount of votes I still can't decide. I am glad that my readers and I have the same level of indecisiveness.

However, I did notice that I kept rooting for Starlings each time it fell behind Providence during the voting. So I am thinking "Starlings" might be the winner. I even wrote it in sharpie on the bottom of a traveling laundry basket as a tentative stamp of ownership.

And then, yesterday, my friend Margo had a great idea for a name for my house. "Primrose." Oh, Snap!

So, yeah. Providence, Starlings or Primrose?


Chelsea said...

i change my vote to primrose!

Heidi-Marie said...

I vote for Primrose, too! Primrose Cottage? Primrose Manor? The possibilities are endless...

BTW, congrats on you adorable new home!

Nyssa said...

Yes my mom has good ideas! I like that one best as well. Go with Primrose Cottage, that's my favorite. :)