Friday, July 16, 2010


I am teaching embroidery classes again. The Miss Moss School of Needlework for Young Ladies had 5 students with quick little fingers and next month I will be teaching knitting and will be fielding about 12 little darlings and their needles.

In preparation and for inspiration I have been stitching some mini quotations.

"All is well" is my new "word of the year." It is what I say to myself to help me carry on. A watchword.

The other is for my dear friend who may or may not have been mentioned on this blog many times. She has always said "Good friends lie to each other." She doesn't mean awful, terrible untruths but the lies that spare peoples feelings like "Yes, I think Methuselah is a great name for your baby!" and "No, that dress does not make you look like a tomato, a big fat tomato."

Samurai Mom is, as you know, honest as the day is long. I always tell the truth, I volunteer truthful information un-solicited. My honesty will get me into trouble one day. Once I even pulled myself over for speeding in a school zone, the police man kept on driving. I do not cotton to the "Good friends lie to each other" philosophy.

The other day my dear friend told me that she had "told a fib" to her neighbor concerning good neighborly relations, which was a lie. A lie! I did not condone the lie.

The next morning my dear friend me she was basking in cosmic irony and her new watchword is "One should not tell lies." The neighbor had to be told the truth the next day. Egg, meet face. The situation that it reminded her of a line from a book "Lies, wicked lies."

I stitched that darling motto up while we chatted on the couch. Note the tangled web.

Oh, what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive!
(that is from Marmion by Sir Walter Scott BTW not Shakespeare as I assumed.)

If you would like me to stitch a small watchword to remind yourself of folly or courage just drop me a line.
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Keira said...

My wicked lies will always be memorialized by a sampler. Awe. Some.

Kelsey said...

so, I came across your blog from the lds homeschool blog, and after reading a bunch (of other good stuff) I found this and had to tell you that it is hilarious and you are awesome. there is your dose of random internet stalker for the day. :)