Wednesday, July 07, 2010


I have always wanted a piece made by Susan Miller. I first saw her jewelry in the gift shop of the Conrad Mansion where I was a tour guide.

Later she opened Sassafras, an adorable artists co-op in Kalispell, Montana. My mom is part of the co-op so I started to get to know Susan a bit. Still, I loved her work but never made the leap to buy a piece of jewelry. There wasn't really a reason it was just I would love the stamp but want a pin not a pendant or want a pendant and not a pin. I would like the shape but not the stamp, always there was an excuse. Really, 14 years is long time to wait.

But now I wait no more because my mom gave me this for Christmas. I had to hold back the tears. It is so perfectly me.
My friend gave me the little liberty bell a few years ago and I just couldn't decide what to do with it. When I went to place the Liberty necklace in my jewelry box I saw the bell and knew where it needed to be.

It was the perfect accessory for watching the fire sparks at Oak Hills this year.

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