Thursday, July 08, 2010

La Bliblioteca

I have a goal to have a library of 1,000 volumes, I have blogged about this before. Most of my books are selected because I have read, want to read or should read the books. Some simply look useful to me as they sit on the Library book sale table. I scout out the classics and books that teach skills and I collect authors like Pokemon cards. I hate omnibus books that cram all or most of the works of one author into one volume. They are so unweildy and heavy. It is SO hard to cuddle up with The Complete Works of Shakespeare.

A small part of my collection is made up of foreign language books. They were free and I had heard the titles before and I though it would be nice for when I dust off my French and want to read a novel or when we learn to speak Spanish even though I LOATHE the language.

You may mock, but when the apocalypse comes I won't have to depend on bookstores or a defunct county library to keep my mind busy.

La Keira was helping me sort out my books onto my shelves when I told her about my small foreign literature collection. A while later she said "Wow, it really is ALL in Spanish."

I looked up to see her holding my copy of Charlotte Bronte's Shirley. Puzzled "I said no, that's Shirley." proudly remembering the triumphant day when I found the LAST of the Bronte books at the Library sale and in nearly mint condition. She flipped it over the the back cover and passed it to me where I read "Escrita tras el exito revelador de Jane Eyre, aunque en circunstancias ciertamente tragicas, mientras veia morir a tres hermanos...."

The only words in English are "Shirley" and "Charlotte Bronte." which are the only words on the front and the spine, which is all I looked at having read the book previously.

Lucky thing it wasn't Villette which I read with my French dictionary in my lap to translate. Do you think they leave the French in or translate it all to Spanish?

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