Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Love and Snakebites

Last night Moose and I had an impromptu mini date. We watched a movie TOGETHER (that almost never happens) and ate my new favorite treat, homemade popcorn with Swedish fish, a happy by product of Cinema Domingo where the Swedish fish and popcorn mingle in the same bowl. We drank pulp-free lemonade. The movie was decent. We had so much fun.

In other news, the neighborhood kids caught a garter snake. Yesterday must have been the single most terrifying day of "Lightning's" life. The day he was caught and manhandled by 11 wild children. His terror continues. Boba Fett was bitten, he didn't even care.


Jessica said...

Please tell me you aren't keeping "Lightning" as a pet...I may change my mind about coming to visit in a couple of weeks.

jafreakinessa said...

I LOVE popcorn, I LOVE mini dates, and I LOVE Eddie!! :)

Afton said...

required reading for snake catchers: "We Can't All Be Rattlesnakes" by Patrick Jennings.