Thursday, July 22, 2010

Kindred Spirits

We have reached the point in Embroidery class where we stitch and chat for a period of time. The girls know the basics now and are diligently working on their projects.

Today, in conversation I mentioned Anne of Green Gables and the majority of the girls looked confused and said "Anne what?"

The girls didn't know who Anne of Green Gables was.

A quick consult of the local library database proved that Washington County Libraries do not have enough copies. They had some but not enough for a system with 13 branches. All copies were checked out. So I rummaged through my boxes and my shelves and came up with enough copies for all. They were sent home with my precious volumes and a vow, literally, to be well into the book by Tuesday.

Anne has now become required reading for embroidery class. How could we proceed with out a basic common background? We can not. Anne Shirley is essential to Beginning Embroidery.

I am dead serious. Next month's knitting students had better prepare.


Anonymous said...

Anne (with an E) is indeed my most bosom friend. We are indeed kindred spirits as well. I knew I liked you! ;)

jafreakinessa said...


Shawnel said...

I can't believe you have that many copies of that book.

Being A Mother Who Knows said...

Great idea to make Anne apart of your class. Knowing Anne is a must for all young girls. So fun!