Saturday, September 25, 2010

Glass half full?

I wanted to write today about how awful I feel, how everything is going wrong and how I can't wait to kick the year 2010 into the rubbish bin.
This entire year has been full of one really big good thing (buying Starlings) and smaller and just as delightful things (making new friends, a good hydrangea crop, my chalkboard) all mixed up in a sauce of garbage. I am so tired of things going wrong, and stress and fighting, mistakes, plain bad luck, broken dreams and my talents turning to failures.

But I won't instead I will try to scrape up the good things that have happened to me this past week or so.

I went to Seattle (garbage) with La Keira (GREAT thing) to see Betty Debbie (New Friend) and celebrate Bettysday(good thing.) I couldn't find an uncrushable jersey dress so I fashioned a nurse's cap and sported it about Seattle. We had a tea less High Tea at a Tea Shop and it was very good.

On Monday I completed 32 years on the Earth (good thing,) had a free sushi lunch at Sushi Town (good thing) and spent the day choosing my winter yarn supply (good thing that turned bad.) Then I went to dinner with La Keira and Nathan and Moose at Benihana (very good thing.)

My nephew, Little Moss, was born early Tuesday morning which was a joyus thing, followed by the worst day in the history of selling our old house (very bad thing.)

On Thursday, I learned how to make homemade bagels (good thing) then went to the Temple (very good thing) and came across the 2nd best name ever "Rosamund Skipworth" (good thing.)

There is a very pretty magenta colored hydrangea in my yard. That is a good thing.


Jocelyn Christensen said...

your talent turning to failures??? NEVER! Happy Birthday my friend!

Porsche said...

Awww, we almost share a birthday! Mine is one day before yours. I am glad that you got to go to Beninaha's. Chin up, this week will be better! Go visit your visiting teaching gals, and you'll feel better immediately! Hugs!