Thursday, February 10, 2011


The little one I babysit is turning one this weekend so the kids and I made her this kitten for a birthday gift.
The pattern is Pointy Kitty from Wee Wonderfuls and it is free.  Boba Fett christened her "Raspberries."

I also knitted up this darling heart for a Valentine gift, 
the pattern also free can be found here.

I have been having fun doing a 30 day photo challenge on Facebook.  Today's photo was to be a picture of my biggest insecurity.  I immediately
identified my biggest insecurity but just couldn't find a photo to capture it so I got out the Petite Blythes and staged a lonely photo shoot.
Pretty adorable, pretty sad, pretty lonely.
This was so much  fun I think I should do it more often.

Speaking of Petite Blythes, I found another one that I just HAVE to have.  I had thought that we were good with the number of Petite Blythes we had because "Janie" (above) looks like me and "Greta" looks like Nutmeg and we also have 3 others to play with.  But over Christmas vacation I saw this little darling and she REALLY looks like Nutmeg.
I HAVE to have her, but she cost $75 at that time who knows how much I will have to pay if I ever am able to buy her.  She is called "Matryoshka Maiden" and if anyone ever sees her on a trip to Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Los Angeles, where ever please get me one!

If we ever do get a Matryoshka Maiden she will be "my" doll until Nutmeg is much older.  We will probably name her Katya after the heroine we found in this book.

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