Monday, February 14, 2011

Wherein I find our Homeschool Lacking

Boba Fett says this isn't a Valentine. 

I don't know what he thinks a valentine is but this is definitely one.

On the back it reads "I SCOTT lots of love for you."

If this isn't a valentine I don't know what is.

Heart? Check.  
Handmade from construction paper? Check.  
Punny, implied yet non-committal declaration of love? Check.

Obviously my kid would have learned this if he had been to public school.

In other news Nutmeg has been over the moon excited about Valentine's Day.  She has been counting the days all month long.  This morning she woke us up 2 hours early running into our room screaming "It's time!" 

Since we don't make a terribly big fuss over Valentine's Day, last week, I wisely I asked her why on earth she was so excited about it.  "Because I want one of those heart shaped boxes with chocolate." she replied.

Silly girl, every one knows that the reason to be excited about Valentines Day is the 30 year old Moss Family Tradition. 

Cinnamon-Marshmallow Valentine Suckers,  the sure fire way to be the most popular kid in school one day a year.


Shawnel said...

So True. Popular for at least one day!

Jocelyn Christensen said...

not lacking at all!