Sunday, May 01, 2011

The Wedding

How did I like the wedding? 
I loved it.  
I don't know what there is to say that hasn't already been said but I will add a few comments.

The Dress:
Best. Wedding. Dress. Ever.  
Better than
Grace Kelly's, possibly better than 
Maria Von Trapp's in the Sound of Music. 

The uniform: 
Nothing says "I am the future king of Great Britain" than a red uniform.

The Flower Girls' Dresses:
I happen to be making a flower girl dress for Nutmeg this month.  Don't be surprised if it has puffed sleeves, box pleats and a scalloped lace underskirt.

The Abbey:
Loved the trees.  I think we should all start investing in potted trees for weddings.  It's going to be huge.

The kisses: They were adorable and we waited long enough for them!

The service:  I am glad that it was religious but it was so boring and long!

The Queen: 
Darling. Perfect.

The hats.  50/50. About 50% were cute and 50% were hideous.  Only a handful were as awesome as the one I wore to the viewing party.

Criticisms: I would have liked to see Kate smile a LOT more during the walk/ceremony/service  she seems like a charming gal not too terrified by the spotlight so I can't understand why she wasn't grinning from ear to ear on her wedding day.  She smiled in the carriage would it have killed her to do it in the abbey?
I also expected more of Camilla's ensemble.  Her 1920's era coat was not flattering and after her smashing wedding hair ornament 
I was hoping for something as stunning.

Heels.  I would think that someone would have taught the Royals and royal relations how to walk in heels.  They all looked SO uncomfortable and bow legged in them. Kate, Pippa and Her Majesty excepted.
 And as someone commented on Facebook "The York girls should not be let out unsupervised."


Jocelyn Christensen said...

Best commentary of all, in my humble, hatless opinion! Loved your hat though! - J

Lunettes de soleil Marc Jacobs said...

vous fashion.thank pour le partage