Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Aurora Glorialis

I started this dress 5 years ago.  It was meant to be for Nutmeg but it never got past the cutting stage and it sat in my scrap bin until just before my niece, little Aurora arrived! (P.S. I made the darling head band too.)
In its former life it was a ladies' blouse. I LOVE that the buttons and button holes are the original holes from the blouse
  and what was the collar is now the bow. Isn't the fabric divine?
The sleeves are the caps of the original sleeves and the skirt, oh, the skirt  hemmed with the original hem.  Making reconstructions and trying to keep as many of the original details as possible intact is one of my very favorite things.  It was a blouse, now its a dress!  I just love that.
Oh and it has pleats.

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Jenni said...

That is pretty much awesome. I had a maternity shirt that was so soft and warm, but so SO very dated a la 1980s. I knew I could make a darling jumper with it--lots of fabric in a maternity tent, er, shirt! I cut it out but then ran into problems with the jumper top and my not being able to remember how to make one...guess I should have used a pattern. *sigh* It's all in storage now, I'll get to it someday. One of my siblings will have to have a daughter or something.