Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Gnoming

The Gnoming happened this morning. 
As I had planned, Boba Fett was blissfully sleeping while the gnome watched over him, it was strategically placed so he would see it when he awoke.
He came down to me (asleep) to ask me why a "idiodic dememted dwarf" was in room.  I asked him what he was talking about.  As he headed back through the house he saw that there were gnomes everywhere. For example this guy was having a bowl of cereal on the table.
The pictures had been replaced with pictures of gnomes.
And all of his photos had been replaced with gnomes.
As well as other small gnomes in other places.
I told him I heard someone at the door and when he went to it he saw this terrible act of flamingocide.

Fleeing from this terrible scene he saw the Starlings' Chalkboard had been tampered with
In the back yard he was confronted with an army

 Whilst other kept watch from the foliage

There were also a dozen parachuting gnomes which were genius but were tangled in knots within 30 second of landing.

Which was too bad because they were really good parachutes.

There were also a bunch of gnome tattoos that doubled as stickers.

It was a sucessful gnoming and I think a cure for Gardengnomeaphobia.

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Dana ♥ said...

Thanks for the morning laugh! So funny! I'm impressed at all the details of this "event" :)