Sunday, February 20, 2005

My baby isn't a baby anymore!

My baby is growing up. He is nursing much less lately and he acts so much like his bigger brother. The nursing doesn't bother me so much because I have been getting a little tired of it lately and looking ahead to when we will be done (though I will miss knowledge that I can feed my babe.) But what is really upsetting me is that he is getting too big for me to wear him. I can still wear him comfortably, but he wants to walk and explore more frequently; and soon I'll hardly get a chance. We have been staying home more and going out less and I have noticed that I miss wearing him. I don't wear him around the house because he is too busy. Sometimes I try to think of places where we can go where I have to put him on my back. He is almost 18 months old and he is taller for his age than his brother was. Today they were standing together and I noticed that Roo is only a head taller than Osito and Roo is almost 5!

My sister has been trying to get me to have another baby. There is NO way I am ready to go through another pregnancy yet! Roo and Osito are 3.5 years apart and I think that is a great age difference, but Osito seems so grown up (compared to Roo at that age) that as I was watching him dump cheerios on the table the other day, I thought he might really enjoy being an older brother.

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