Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Happy Easter?

On Sunday I realized that Nutmeg really needs a new summer dress. I make them long and squeeze as many years as I can out of them. The dress she wore on Sunday I bought when she was 6 months old and she has been wearing since she was 18 months old. That's 3 years.

So last night I went into the sewing room to tackle the project that has been filling me with guilt since March, the 2010 Easter Dress.

I had the dresses (I have a matching one) all cut out and then that fateful day arrived when I received the telephone call that turned my life upside down and I have only just started putting to rights. All thoughts of Easter dresses were instantly shelved until I could get to them again.

The past month I have had those dresses hanging over my head like a black cloud as I noticed Nutmeg's Sabbath options becoming shabbier and shorter with every week.

The dress is going together swimmingly and I don't know why I put it off so long. Still, the sleeves need to be put in and I hate sleeves, they are such an unpleasant chore. I am sure that the skirt pattern runs a little short, but even so I am going to have to add at least 6 inches to get a decent hem on this skirt. That is how much she has grown in 5 months.

I don't think that I will get to my dress this summer.

P. S. I am awesome at pintucks, but we already knew that.

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