Monday, August 02, 2010

Just So

My family is in town for a family reunion. Half of us are already here and having so much fun together. Weenie and I went to Walmart in Vancouver and we had more fun than a visit to Walmart justifies. This evening we all went out Benihana for dinner. I laughed hard enough that my abs hurt. I would show you a picture of the fun we have had and the fun yet to come but tonight when I grabbed the camera to take a pictre of Mr. Jmo's birthday cake, this is what I saw:

Blank, nada, nothing, black. The LCD screen on my camera is broken. What? How will I take pictures? How will I know if I have a good shot or not? I have worked so hard to become only a mediocre photographer WITH a LCD screen!

Blogging has been sporadic at best this year but my spirits have been rising and I had high hopes of a blogging comeback. I don't know if I can do it without an LCD screen.

I am wishing I hadn't had this conversation with Boba Fett yesterday afternoon.

Samurai Mom: Do you know where the camera is?
Boba Fett: Um, yeah, it is on my desk.
Samurai Mom: What!? Why?
Boba Fett: Sometimes I like to take the camera and look at myself in the screen.

Just so.

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