Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Fall - Sabbath Leaves

We were standing in the kitchen yesterday afternoon when I looked out the window and witnessed The Fall.  The maple that has been sprinkling leaves for the last few weeks decided to let it all go and  we watched as it rained leaves.  It was magical as so many moments have been this autumn, we stood and watched the yellow rain.  After a while a gust of wind blew through and the leaves fell ever faster.  Now our lawn is covered in a yellow carpet.  A wet carpet as the fall happened just a few hours before a very heavy night of rain.

I am feeling much better this Sabbath day.  This week I have knocked on the door of despair, have had some prayers answered and some prayers I haven't found the answer to yet.  I have regained peace.

I am so grateful for the lovely Indian summer we have had, full of sunny but not hot days; it ALMOST makes up for our nearly non existent summer.  I am glad that it has rained because I need to plant my spring bulbs and the earth was too hard to dig in.  Hopefully the rain has softened it up.

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Jocelyn Christensen said...

It has been a beautiful Autumn! Nature heals.