Sunday, October 31, 2010

Spooky Times at Starlings

There hasn't been much time but we have managed to do some spooky things this month to celebrate the season. We decorated, no new decorations but with a new house it was fun to find new places to put them.

We had  Third Annual Spooky Stories and Carmel Apples Night 

with Los Dominguez.

It was a hit even though I bought poor apples.

My spooky story recommendation  for the year is "The Dream Woman" by Wilke Collins. (Scroll down to #18-22)
 There was pumpkin Carving And last but certainly not least the costumes.
Camrock as The Grim Reaper with a homemade paper mache scythe.  He made it all by himself.

Boba Fett as Harry Potter.

And Nutmeg as Tinkerbell. 
I think might just start referring to her as Tinkerbell.  When the folks at Disney were imagining Tinkerbell in 60 years ago I am sure that they had Nutmeg in mind.
She looks just like she stepped out of the movie 
complete with the attitude.
This is not Tinkerbell doing the Robot  but Tinkerbell measuring her hips
This is Tinkerbell being really mad at Wendy (the redheaded pirate lass) because Tinkerbell isn't winning a cake in the cake walk.
She has been flitting about for two weeks doing her Tinkerbell imitation and it is good, really, really good.
Making the Tinkerbell hair bun was a feat of engineering that I am particularly proud of, it involved mohair yarn, Styrofoam and lots of hairspray.  I made the wings and sewed the costume from a pattern I had in my head but the Disney Store made the light up Tinkerbell shoes.  The only decent thing I have ever seen at that store.


Simply Sara said...

hahaha remember when we tried to teach her how to do the robot? she was not impressed with our auto bot voices.

I-Shüan Warr said...

What fun pictures! And I love your Starlings Pumpkin! Nutmeg was way cuter than the cartoon Tinkerbell!