Friday, March 04, 2011

The Long Dark Tea-time of My Soul and Body and Sanity

First I got sick.  In bed for 5 days, nearly delirious, sick.  Then I was up and out of bed but still stick.  Then Moose went out of town for 4 days leaving me (still sick) with 3 kids, all of whom are threatening to become ill themselves.

It has been a very grey and boring and lonely and depressing 12 days.

I am irritated that there are so many problems in this world and country that I can't even begin to fix them.

I am irritated that there are so many mean people out there who completely discount the hours upon hours of research, prayer, heartache and hard decision making some parents put in to make choices for their kids and call them irresponsible and reactionary when those same people put about as much thought into their kids as into which pair of jeans they should wear today.

Planning my garden doesn't cheer me up. Going down to the workshop doesn't cheer me up. Choosing a new haircut doesn't help.  Knitting does not help. Knowing I have a deadline that I can't get any inspiration or energy for certainly does not help.

But seeing this outside my kitchen window does help, a little bit.
When Moose gets home in 2 hours and 55 minutes I am running away for the night.

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arianne said...

Boy can I relate. Have run on your little run. Being sick makes the whole world dark, I think. The sun will cut through again.