Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Reasons I do Not Dominate at Scrabble

1) I get too emotionally invested in the words.
  I get so excited about all the clever words that I can make or nearly make that I forgo all strategy just so I can play my clever or funny words.  This is not a winning strategy.  I just played "jew" for 25 points (on my android with my brother and sister-in-law) but believe me if I had room on the board I would have played "jewish' for less points.

2)  I like to play words that mean something.  I think that "zee" and "qi" are lame words and as a consequence I have lost to those very words more than once.

3) Either you can play foreign words or you can't.  I hate this some you can and some you can't business (see "qi" above.)

P.S. did you know that I think LOL Cats are hilarious?

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