Thursday, March 31, 2011

Springing at Starlings

Spring has sprung at Starlings.  The crocus are finally dying out and the daffodils are stunning.  Moose and I planted 18 roses last Saturday.  I have put in berries and grapes. I have been building earthworks and clearing grass out so we can plant.
I am currently puzzling over the strawberry patch. Starlings has weird sun, strawberries need sun.  I need my strawberries to not be stolen, trampled or peed on by the 100 or so dogs that are walked by the house each day.

My favorite activity is ninja onion planting.  Ninja onion planting is where I onion sets everywhere I can think of and we will see how things turn out.

I am really tired of spending money on dirt.

A few weeks ago we had the cherry trees trimmed and I passed the branches out to anyone who would take them.  I made this amazing arrangement for the mantle. 


Boba Fett has been catching snakes

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grandmawhitehouse said...

beautiful arrangement!