Wednesday, July 27, 2011

An Oregon Summerlet

 While most of the country is sweltering, we here in Oregon are enjoying 60 degree temperatures!  Occasionally we get a sunny day and a couple of times we have had 2 in a row but for the most part still cloudy, still chilly, still rainy.

I really truly believed that after last year's disappointing summer we were in line to get a nice one this year.  This just goes to show that no one asks me when planning the weather.

We have had a busy month none the less.

On the 4th we went to the ward pancake breakfast, the Oak Hills Parade and the Oak Hills fireworks display.  Springville ward had it's own mini fireworks show while we waited.
On the 9th we traveled to Salem to visit our dear friends (who moved in May) for a birthday celebration.
I promise, she really has 2 perfect eyes.
 On the 14th my niece Aurora was born, she didn't want to nurse so there were 5 anxious days but now she has the knack.  We were to visit the weekend after she arrived but Moose is busy doing the work of 3+ men at work and so we postponed our Montana vacation and baby snuggling.

On the 16th we went to the Portland Highland Games and it was awesome. I love kilts!!  All of the mooselings participated but Boba Fett was particularly excited about tossing the caber.

On the 17th our ward was split and a new ward formed in our stake.  We were sad to lose some very dear ones including our entire Relief Society presidency to the "Tomahawk Ward."

Monday the 18th is the day I became mentally ill and began taking yoga classes and seriously considered joining a gym.  The gym illness has passed but I will be continuing with the yoga classes.
Last weekend we celebrated Pioneer Day at Fallbrooks Farm, and on Sunday La Keira was called as Relief Society President.

I'll just let that sink in for a few moments.....
Being the "besty" of the Relief Society President is weird, really weird.  We are still trying to figure out how it is going to work.  I can't imagine how she managed to keep it a secret for a week!  It is just surreal and it will take time to sink in.

And all month long I have been preparing for the 5 night, 50 mile hike that Commander C, La Keira, Jonah, myself and assorted members of the Hanna family are taking next week.  I have been planning meals, shopping for gear, borrowing gear, breaking in boots, and training.

I just have one thing to say: I am going to DIE.


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