Sunday, July 10, 2011

Splitsville Ward

They are splitting up our ward. 

This only can end in tears. I have been in our ward for 9 wonderful years and the thought of losing anyone from or being put into a new ward is just too sad. I look at the map of the ward and I love every single family.

The worst part is that there isn't a readily apparent split, and 3 wards will be affected as they form a new ward, and we have to WAIT AN ENTIRE WEEK to find out the changes.  A week?  A week of thinking about all the wonderful people our ward family and wondering if they will still be in my ward next week and how much I will miss seeing them several times a week.

Also, La Keira is on the opposite side of the ward from Starlings no matter how you carve it up.  This doesn't look hopeful.

I know it will all be for the best and any new ward will be fantastic but it just isn't the same when you don't see someone regularly.

Last time we only lost a handful of families and gained a whole bunch of really awesome people, maybe we will be so lucky again?


Brandi said...

A ward split is always difficult, for the people involved as well as those making the decision. Gratefully God is always a part of it!

My current ward is a result of a split. I was quite sad about it. We had only been in the ward for about a year, and it was the most welcoming, accepting ward I'd ever lived in. They had been the same ward for over 30 years. The older families had a really hard time with the decision, though the "new" wards that were created have been fabulous. It's been three years now. Wounds seem to have healed. When everyone pulls together for the good of all, amazing things can happen!

May you find peace in this new "adventure." :D

Keira said...

I've decided to hope for the best. I can only pray for some creative jerrymandering!

Not quite the Bradys said...

You will always have Cinema Domingo. And I love the tag on this post. :)

Afton said...

This will be my 5th ward split and I've found that even though it's sad not to see people for a 3 hour block every Sunday, it is pretty sweet expanding one's "awesome friend" base.

Jenny said... this "my" ward? How sad?! I think these things are always for the best, obviously, but still...I'm with you! I'm anxious to hear how it goes :)