Saturday, June 06, 2009

The biggest Failure in the History of Garage Sales

This is what my garage sale looked like at 8:30 this morning. This is what my garage sale still looks like a mere 30 min before the appointed closing time. The weather was yucky yesterday and not much better today. Yesterday I made $68, today I made $12. I have had about 12 people stop today. I have given this sale 2 days of my life, my evenings for a week and neglected my children and house in excess. FlyLady is right, garage sales are not worth it.

If only the weather had been better. I have, however, said goodbye to an awful lot of stuff. I NEVER thought I could have such a huge amount of stuff to sell.

Here is a little bit of fun for you though. Mr Moss and The Lovely Mrs Moss and their friends killing time.

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Afton said...

oh man...that does stink. The weather certainly did NOT cooperate though.