Friday, June 26, 2009

In Which Moose Finds Himself Permanently Moved to the Dog House

My sisters and I planned a little bit of fun this vacation. Trying on our wedding dresses 10 and 7 years later, respectively. The Lovely Mrs. Moss couldn't bring hers, and Super Nanny doesn't have hers yet so she tried on her prom dress.When Weenie walked out in her dress her husband looked at us like we were insane and then walked over and gave her a kiss.
Moose, on the other hand, glared at me from across the room with an unimpressed look that bordered on disgust. Eventually he came over to me and said "Why are we doing this?"
"Because it is fun." I retorted.
"Where did it come from?"
"It's my wedding dress."
"Umm...yeah." I point to the picture of our wedding day that was hanging over my head.
"Oh, it doesn't look as good."

Later he insisted that my dress was sleeveless (on what planet would I wear a sleeveless dress?) and that he thought I picked the dress up while I was antiquing that morning.
I might be biased but somehow I don't think my dress is very forgettable.

Some notes: It seems a common thing that one out grows their wedding dress in the ribcage area.
Next time we hope to have 5 wedding dresses and we will do our hair and makeup too.

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Jessimo said...

Love the trampoline pictures! So sad I couldn't bring mine.