Sunday, June 14, 2009

A Prayer Concerning My Garden


Thank you for the bounteous and fruitful garden this year. 7th time's a charm eh? I am so excited for all of this green goodness. The potato plants are really getting huge. I love the green carpet of lettuce too. Thank you for helping those green onions to come up, I was starting to lose confidence. How do you think the soil is for the rhubarb/blueberry patch? Let me know so I can have time to fix it. I was thinking we should have a game plan for whatever it is sneaking a bite of the strawberries. I am a little worried about the bok choi and broccoli raab, I don't really want to eat either right now, and there is so much. What should I do? Next time I think we should go with plain broccoli and BABY bok choi and just a few of those. Tonight I noticed how you designed most of the leaves in the garden to funnel the water down to the base of the plant. Really, brilliant! I love that. Thanks again, and as usual, please, can I have some decent tomatoes this year?


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Afton said...

Amen! Especially on that "funnel-leaf" thing.

I think the Frodsham's talk on tomatoes has given me the tomato edge this year, so if you find yourself needing extra I could be a source.

I'd offer to trade Swiss chard for broccoli raab, but I'm sure no one in your family would like it. I hated it as a child and only now am able to appreciate it's distinct flavor.