Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Camp Zarahemla

Just a few last words about Camp Zarahemla. It was beautiful. We were threatened with hypothermia if we were even in the water for a few moments so swimming was not allowed. I was highly suspicious of this claim for many reasons one of which being there was no snow along the actual lake edges. Jewel Basin, Strawberry Lake, June. I swam in it I did not get even a touch of hypothermia, Clear Lake was lower in elevation AND there was no glacier feeding it. Don't tell a girl from Glacier country about hypothermia. (I also went surfing in Cornwall in October which was VERY cold.) I did take all 3 of my kids out in a canoe and we had a great time even thought it started raining. I love canoes!

This is Nicki on the porch of our cabin overlooking the lake. The cabins were lush. Real walls no cracks, actual windows with glass and working screens. Lights, outlets a mini fridge, a microwave and......

A gas stove with a thermostat. We had that cabin toasty warm.
There was of course a lodge with kitchen, bathroom and showers. There was a great playground for the little ones, and the big ones too. There were port-a-potties near all cabins and each cabin had a fire pit with cords upon cords of seasoned firewood. The cabins even had Christmas lights hanging outside.
I am so glad we went. We had such a great time.

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