Sunday, May 31, 2009

An Iconic Symbol

You may remember my daydream a few weeks back. Somehow it became a need and then an obsession in remarkably little time. I found a suitable bike in a far flung shop and Liberty Bell and I have been zipping along the Bethany Trail in iconic style since Mother's Day.
She is a Free Spirit make and thus the name, Liberty Bell. Unfortunately. I have not yet found a suitable patriotic bell to attach to her. I shall keep a few copies of the Declaration of Independence in my basket as I ring Liberty throughout the land.P.S. It turns out some skirts are more suitable for iconic biking than others.
P.P.S. I can not ride Liberty Bell without a gigantic grin on my face, it is that fun. Seriously a vintage bike feels different. We make other people smile too!


Keira said...

...a couple of copies of the Declaration of Independence" in your basket? Super awesome, my friend.

An icon fully realized.

grandmawhitehouse said...

You make me smile. How about Meg? Now she can ride beside you.

Afton said...

I still see a little terrier in the basket. You could *name* him Independence, then as he barks at passers by, that would be the declaration of Independence.

I think it works.

Verena said...

So I'm not the only one who daydreams about vintage bikes and cute skirts. Love the pictures from outdoor school. I've only got one and I can't find my camera, but as soon as I do I'll post it.