Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Blythe Manor

There has been a lot of decorating around here. Samurai Mom has ruined a good pair of yoga pants with paint. I have been decorating the doll house that we have been making for the Blythes. The kids have been ecstatic with the house. This morning they drug down our measly doll furniture collection and were trying to play house, I suggested that we use some blocks to make temporary furniture - they went wild. Many of these ideas were theirs. I particularly like Commander C's bank of 3 beds and the bathtub. I also love the bubbles in the bathtub, the sinks, toilet and washer dryer. Who know block with holes could be so handy? So would you like a tour of the house?
Janie is deciding on paint colors and wallpapers.
The nearly finished house ( I still need to glue down the carpet and paint trims)
Penelope (in the foyer) explains that the mural won't be painted for a few weeks.Janie, Penelope, and Betsy watch the old TV while they wait for the flatscreen to be delivered.

Betsy and Janie are the Kitchen enjoying Sushi.
Greta climbs the ladder Commander C invented for going up stairsGreta enjoys a bubble bath while Betsy powders her nose.

Penelope talks to Greta and Betsy before they lie down for a nap in the bank of beds.

Snow White listens to some fly tunes on the phonograph.

Janie sews some bedding (because those block beds are kind of firm)

in between loads of laundry.
Next, we need to paint the outside of the house and have the roof installed.
Thanks for checking out the house!


Erika said...

Oh my gosh! That is the cutest thing ever! Great job! I love your dolls.

Shawnel said...

Its turning out awesome! The kids will love it and always remember it.

Keira said...

Sweet. Dude.

I-Shüan Warr said...

I love it! And it just wouldn't be complete without that tiny sewing machine! Where did you find that!?

And how do you remember all their names?