Friday, May 01, 2009


- Boba Fett "watered" a tree in a completely adorable neighborhood where we were looking at bikes. "What!" he shouted innocently when he saw my eyes bugging out of my head and my mouth open in shock "I had to go. I did."


Jenny said...

That's hilarious! What's even more hilarious is that picture?! Does that statue/fountain really exist? LOL!

Keira said...

I can actually hear him saying that. hahahahaha

Mommy Bee said...

When camping, Hubby taught the then 4yo Wolf how to pee on a bush...a few days later I was standing at the kitchen sink and looked into the backyard just in time to see him drop his drawers and pee on our walnut tree. Apparently he didn't realize that tree-peeing was reserved for the woods, and thought it was a-ok anywhere outside. LOL!!