Monday, May 18, 2009

Into the Wild

This afternoon I head out to the Cascade "wilderness" for 4 days of Outdoor School with my kids. There will be fire, dirt, bugs, sunshine and more rain. I am not bringing Moose, he has to work. Moose says that I am "very, very brave." I can't figure this out because this is not different that when he leaves me for business trips except that when he goes away on business trips I don't have the novelty of 50 other kids, the woods and fire to keep them distracted, lots of moms for me to chat with and no housework.

The things I am worried about are the garden, will Moose remember to leave out the milk bottles, will the house be cleaner than will I left it and will Moose decide to do something crazy to the house while I am gone?

1 comment:

Chelsea said...

So did he do anything crazy to the house? Did your milk get taken out? can't leave us hanging!