Friday, May 08, 2009

A Lesson in Civics

Yesterday, I rounded up my small band and drove them down to the Salem for Homeschool Apple Pie Day at the Capitol. Homeschool Apple Pie day is when homeschooling families from across the state descend upon our legislators to let them know we appreciate that we have the freedom to homeschool and give a face to the the term "homeschoolers" in the hope that they will have kind thoughts about us the next time they pass the Homeschool Freedom bill and the Governor vetoes it again (because he sits firmly in the pocket of the teacher's union.) We give the representatives apple pies.
My illustrious Representative, Mitch Greenlick, (yes, remember how he ran almost unopposed last election) refused to accept his pie. His office claimed he was on weight watchers. He is getting chubby so he refuses our annual gesture of peace??? He didn't have to actually eat it himself. Mitch and I have traded e-mails about homeschooling and we do not see eye to eye. Please someone run against him next time!

We were unofficially expected to dress in church clothes. I wore a nice skirt and so did Nutmeg but I could not see my boys putting on their ties for this event. I chose my battle and asked only that they wore their nice jeans (without holes) and their nice long sleeved red shirts and the Heeleys were not allowed. I forgot to put on my boots before we left so my ensemble was topped off with tennis shoes. I was so worried that I was going to look like a weirdo. No worries, no one noticed my shoes because as I forget living in the super cool homeschool metropolis that I do, a lot of homeschoolers are of the type where the women dress like pioneers and have really long hair with those gravity defying rolls where the bangs should be. My feet were really low on the out of place scale. Our little group of Mormons looked downright secular.

We had a tour of the Oregon Supreme Court, watched the opening of the senate and said the pledge with the senate (tears.) We went to the House of Representatives where we heard the passing 2 bills that are a complete waste of government resources. The final arguments of the "Honest Pint" bill were being discussed and Oregonians, your representatives are a bunch of clowns. They had a lot of fun thinking up clever ways to show their enthusiasm about a full 16 oz of beer. Finally one man stood up to speak, he pointed out that this voluntary program was a strain on the already over-worked health inspectors and a completely unnecessary function of government. Besides it is voluntary so the people who aren't serving honest pints don't have to participate. Matt and I were so pleased with him that we started clapping which is not allowed. We were chastised by the speaker but we were on our way out so we didn't get in trouble.

A complete waste of government time in a state with 12% unemployment. I am so glad my children witnessed THAT.
The kids behaved better than expected but not as well as hoped. What is evident is that they need more education about how government works but they are 3, 5 and 9 so I have a few years yet. Nutmeg played in the puddles, Commander C had a bad attitude and Boba Fett thought about only one thing the picnic planned for after we were done. It was pouring rain when we were done so we had our picnic in the van.

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Afton said...

"gravity defying rolls where the bangs should be..."

Well said!

How do they to that? Is there an implement under there or is it all hair? I must know!