Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Pillow Talk

One picks up a lot of things as a computer guy's wife. One of those things is an immense vocabulary of acronyms. Couple that with a husband that works at a large semiconductor company and you have a whole lot of letters flying around. Most of these abbreviations have no meaning to me whatsoever, but like a foreign language immersion class, I have come to the point where I can speak little bit of computer jargon. (My html is rather good, not as good as my French but certainly better than my Spanish.) Come on over and I will amaze you with words like PHP, EC, C++, AR, OR, VI, Shell and PERL.

Once Moose was rattling on about some thing that someone was trying to do and somebody had a plan and wanted to do something when I piped up and said, "That's silly, why don't you just use (insert acronym/computer thing here?) " and he said "That's exactly what we should do!" I don't know what we were talking about but I found it a bit frightening that me the lowly hausfrau of a Unix SysAdmin could see the logical answer over the MBAs at the company. (Perhaps they should hire me and our stock would finally go up???)

Last night as we lay in bed Moose was lulling me to sleep with tales of Santa Clara, terabytes of disc space and cfengine. In my mind cfengine is this sweet hot rod car engine where people pour in buckets of letters and out come comely uniform packages with a ribbon tied around moving in a line down a conveyor belt. I started laughing and when asked I explained my vision. Moose simply said "Actually that is not far off." Then he snatched my pretty car engine away and made the process way more boring and now I know what cfengine does.

Sometimes I wonder what I would have been if I had not been anti-computers in the beginning. I did have a grade of 105% in my CS 101 class in college, I knew how to physically put together a computer which saved the day when Moose's first build your own computer parts arrived, and I put the navbar back on the top of this very blog which is apparently a huge feat that involved style sheets and CSS or something and I thought it was rather easy. The fact is computers aren't as scary as I used to make out. If I do become hot computer geek girl will I channel Penelope Garcia or Lisa Calighan? I think the answer is obvious.


Keira said...

Your computer geek name could be Polly Code-lightly...

beadiemom said...

I love that Penelope Garcia and I could totally see you as her.