Thursday, April 30, 2009


Found: In a bag of miscellaneous sewing stuff from Goodwill.

It really works. That is honest to goodness mercury inside. Dangerous, I like it. The question is: what to do with it? The gold backing is cardboard not metal.

I humbly ask for your suggestions.


Keira said...


Search me.

grandmawhitehouse said...

Staple it on to a harder surface and put it outside your kitchen window so the Kids can see the outside temp. Now they will know what it means when you say the mercury is rising.

Katharine said...

[Dad] Mercury is a metal and has a metallic colour. Due to it's toxicity it has largely been replaced by alcohol dyed red (so you can see it). From your photo, this one looks red. Our floating fish baby bath thermometer is also red. Mount it close outside and by a window - so they can decide how to dress or even if they'd dare go out!