Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Otherside

Last month we had a date and I could have just kicked myself for not bringing the camera. If my photos were ever good I would go back and recreate the scenes. I found a sitter and Moose took me to The Otherside (of Portland but it might as well be the planet) to go mattress shopping, to lunch and Yarnia.

We went first to Cotton Cloud Futons to check out their natural Latex mattresses. Of course I liked the very soft one and Moose liked the firmer one. We flopped ourselves back and forth between the 2 beds for quite a while and then found an innerspring mattress with a memory foam topper that we could agree on.

As we were walking to the next destination we passed a wig store. A whole store with wigs. I could imagine the fun of Moose and I modeling wigs and taking pictures.

Then we arrived at Sleep Country USA (Why buy a mattress anywhere else?) As I walked in there was a life-sized-ish cut out of their new spokes lady and while I like her I really miss the old girl. Then Moose and I flopped about on 3 Temperpedic mattresses and 2 Nature's Rest Latex mattresses. We decided that while the Temperpedics were very interesting we liked the really expensive Nature's Rest best. Moose loves Temperpedic pillows.

Then we left and headed to Yarnia. Yarnia was fun but not all I expected it to be. In the end I realized I am a boring, solid color type of girl and twisting my own fiber was not as great as I thought it should be. Moose had a blast though, he kept bringing me fibers to test out, I wish I had my camera for that.
Ultimately I DECLINED to purchase ANY yarn at all. I guess I am just a boring old Cascade 220 gal.

Then we set out to find a "Portlandy" restaurant. We went to the most "Portlandy" street of all, Hawthorne. We selected a restaurant because the girl busing the table had dreads and a bandanna on her head and decided it was Portlandy enough then parked along one of the side streets of cute craftsman houses completely lined with parked cars. There was a front yard with a buddist shrine and sand garden as well a stone wall with door hardware embedded in it.

Our waiter was a young guy with enough tattoos for 50 sailors and multi-colored, multi-length hair. His finger tatts spelled "G-O-O-D" The patrons were of all sorts and I resisted the urge to maul the woman sitting next to us with her Obama Biden '08 shirt on.

We had fun examining the people on the street and wondering how one part of a city can be so different from the other.

There are a LOT of pet stores on the trendy streets of Portland, but very few children. Telling?

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Afton said...

Sunny Kobe Cook...I miss her too.