Monday, April 27, 2009

Have a New Kid By Friday

In an effort to avoid becoming the mother of a child with a rap sheet I have been doing several things.
1) praying
2) the Unplugged Experiment with lots of hard work and imagination.
3) re-examining The Color Code in an attempt to understand my white son.
4) reading parenting books.

I have had the above book on hold for months and it is finally here. I am hoping for a new kid by Friday, May 1. I'll post pictures.

The boys seem very threatened by this book. They saw me reading it and began attacking me and trying to steal the book. Boba Fett hid it under the couch. I wonder if they think I am going to trade them in.


Keira said...

Can I trade-in mine too?

Afton said...

I got a book about how to get your kids to do chores and work around the house and my kids "worked" very hard at hiding it and made it their "chore" to distract me every time I picked it up.

I'll look forward to seeing the results and possibly requesting this book for myself. If it's not too late for my middle child.