Tuesday, April 07, 2009


Commander C did something really, really bad the other night. Really bad. He also does not feel one bit bad about it. We have some characters issues to work on.

I decided it was time to shape up and be a much better homeschooling mom, to pay more attention to the kids and not let my really slow computer continue to steal me from my children. I also determined not to let the kids sit in front of a screen all day. We have rules but they usually sneak past me when I am on the computer and then I am too tired to fight it.

Yesterday, I made Moose take the Tivo remote, the Wii controllers and my network card to work with him. We were screen-less today and it was exhausting. It seemed like they did 10 times the activities and needed my help/intervention/refereeing 100 times more.

We did scriptures, patriotism, crafts, gardening, chores, reading, library, errands and bought books at Goodwill. We made food, we hung out in the hammock. I was SO happy when Moose came home at 3:45 so I could escape to the Doctor's office.

We manged just fine but there were a few things I had to write down to look up later, like a book at the library, the Butterfly Treehouse, add to LibraryThing etc.

I am beat, but I am going to keep it up. It helped that it was a glorious sunny day today. If it had been gloomy and rainy we might not have made it.


Erika said...

WOW! How brave! I'm excited when I spend just a few hours of one-on-one time. All day would be SUPER exhausting! Once I get my family home videos edited, I may try this out. :)

Mommy Bee said...

Good for you. i've been forced into no-internet days (sometimes for a couple of weeks at a time, typically with no warning) because our connection out here has just had one problem after another...on the one hand I get a lot done, on the other hand whew it's hard! And when I get it back I find I'm all the more attached to it and spend even MORE time on it. :( So instead of cutting myself off I've been trying to go with a timetable...I can't get online until after I've done A, B, and C, or whatever. I do tend to stay off it in the evening after Dave is home, but there have been admittedly too many days when I'm spending hours online and/or letting my kids spend hours glued to the tube.
I can't wait for summer vacation, when we can actually get out of teh house and DO something!!

Afton said...

I loooooove book hunting at Goodwill. One of my favorite things to do!

Chelsea said...

You are inspiring! I find myself "just checking" my email and then 15 minutes later realizing I am still on the computer. I might need to follow your good example!

Camrock said...

hey! im her son its horror at this house! all i get for food is bread and water! life is so unfair... even with the tv off and the computer.

Samurai Mom said...

What about the pizza? I distinctly remember you saying "Good Dinner, thanks MOM!" just 15 minutes ago. You are on the computer RIGHT NOW I might add.

Camrock said...