Saturday, April 11, 2009

Unplugged Week 1

On day 1 of the Unplugged Experiment our very, very tidy house reverted to its normal state. Moose declared that there would be clean up but he failed to follow through and by day 2 of the experiment the house was very messy - it still is.
On day 2 of the Unplugged Experiment Commander C received his Wolf badge at Pack Meeting. The photos of myself were very ill advised and I realized for the first time that I am much cuter in my mind than in reality.

On day 3 we went a visiting and I received much needed support with my Unplugged Experiment from homeschool friends.

On day 4 of the Unplugged Experiment I took a nap with Boba Fett, a long nap. Sometime while I was upstairs Nutmeg "fed" the fish by dumping the 3/4 full jar of fish food into our, you will remember, fairly small goldfish bowl. About 15 minutes after I woke up I passed by the goldfish bowl and noticed that it was orange.There was an immediate fish and rescue mission. Both Sashimi and Little Fishy are still alive 30 hours later. So far, so good.

On day 5 of the Unplugged Experiment I cheated. I needed to get online to pay the bills you see, and post the little bike and wagon for sale on Craigslist. And while I was there I checked my e-mail to see if there were any immediate responses to the ads. And then while I was waiting for those responses I just thought I would check my Facebook account really quickly. Then I was hooked all day I ran into the office to check if anything terribly important had happened on FB. Nope, but I still kept checking.
Later I silk screened my Tax Day Tea Party protest shirts.

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Afton said...

Oh my goodness! I am totally cuter in my mind than I am in reality too! I find pictures of myself very disappointing. I loved how you said that.