Wednesday, April 15, 2009

9 years of Attitude

It's Commander C's Birthday today. This is his latest self portrait.
Commander C was born in the hospital in Indiana. I remember his reaction a few years ago when he realized that he was born in the hospital. He was amazed, confused and a little disappointed. To him babies are born at home. I LOVE THAT!
When he arrived he looked like a little alien. He was such a pretty colored baby and so calm. He didn't cry he just looked around with eyes of wonder. He was my biggest baby 9 lbs ( I blame all the Whoppers I ate) and he continued to gain weight rapidly (though not as rapidly as Boba Fett.) He was 30 lbs at 1 year. Then he stayed 30 lbs for the next few years.
He was a good natured jolly baby. When he laughed it sounded like he was honking.
He slept a lot and never cried. We used to joke that Heavenly Father sent us an angel because he knew we were too lazy for a regular baby.
He grew up and I was convinced that he was a genius because he knew all of his letters at 21 months. I waited not very patiently for the next 4 years for him to decide to read. He was a big fan of Yu-Gi-Oh even when he was small.
He has the cutest personality. He likes to joke around.
He has always been very artistitc and lately he has taken his crafting up a level. This is "the Bad Apple"
He just earned his Wolf Badge in Cub Scouts last week.
He has always had a special bond with Nutmeg. When she was born he said "She looks just like a little angel" and it was love ever since.
He is amazing at all sports.
He comes up with the coolest ideas.
He has his own blog

He made me a mother, he changed my life in every way and I am not exaggerating.
I love you.


Jessica said...

Happy Birthday Commander C!!! Hope it was AWESOME! :D

Jenny said...

I love Commander C! He is very creative and wow....was seriously munchable as a baby! I love the blog! That is awesome! I can't believe how he's grown. I hesitate to show Abby this blog because she will have yet another crush..ahhh! Happy Birthday!