Thursday, April 23, 2009

Mission Impossible

The Mission was to throw a 9 year old birthday party. Commander C was all set on a bowling party when I read about this party and BEGGED him to let me do it instead of bowling.
We got online and ordered spy gear for 12 boys from Oriental Trading Company. I went all out and it only cost $60. That is a lot of money but compare it to $13 per boy at the bowling alley - food not included.

Then we made 12 invitations that read like the opening of an episode of Mission Impossible complete with photos of
our kidnapped Oddishand the villains, Captain Quacky and his clan.
We addressed them ransom note style by cutting out letters from old yoga magazines and pasting the invitees' names on them.
The plan was to deliver them in a suspicious manner but it ended up me slipping them to parents when I saw them in case I never got another chance.
All 1o of the 11 invitees showed up including the one I forgot about and add Commander C and Boba Fett and there were 12 boys! They were given their disguises and photos were taken. Then the photos were posted into their file and they hand stamped their spy names inside.
Then we fingerprinted each other and examined each other's prints, I have a really cool central pocket on my forefinger.
Thanks to Grandma Whitehouse who sent a forensic kit just in time.
Then I kept the kids busy while Moose ran about the neighborhood with the speed of a cheetah placing clues in strategic spots.
Then he called us and gave the A-team their mission. A-team took off and I held B-team at bay for a very long time. Then B-team was sent out on their mission. As soon as they left I placed Oddish and Quacky's clan in their spots and waited.

There were some hiccups like A-team taking B-team's coded clue; but all in all it was a success.
Then we had cake that had been dusted for prints and then I let them watch an episode of the 60's Mission Impossible and waited to be rescued by the parents.

Oddish rewarded his rescuers by giving them his cash.

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Jessica said...

Holy fun! Wish I coulda been there!

Samurai Mom said...

We could have used an extra pair of grown up hands!

Shawnel said...

cool finger print cake!

Afton said...

Wow! How fun! Love the disguises.