Sunday, April 05, 2009

My First Giveaway!!

I have been wanting to increase my blog readership and I decided to do it by having a give away.

The give away is for this guy
The Bad Bunny. He is a cousin to the 3 Naughty Bunnies. but I knit him with you in mind. The Bad Bunny is hand knit out of my last scrap my favorite color of Lamb's Pride Bulky yarn. He comes with a gnarly carrot and all of his mischief.
Here you see The Bad Bunny hacking into my Facebook account.

If you would like this bunny at your house to sneak inside an Easter basket or to cause trouble in your house do something to let other people know about my blog. E-mail a friend who might like to hear what I am writing about, post a link to Samurai Mom on your blog or forum, write on the back of your car with window markers, something. After you have done so leave a comment on THIS post letting me know what you have done. Everyone is eligible even my sisters. But since I am so late in posting the bunny readers outside of the 48 states will probably not receive him by Easter. The winner will be chosen randomly, drawn out of a hat or with a roll of my many sided dice or something. You can leave a post until Tuesday, April 7 11:59 pm Pacific time.


Anonymous said...

Ahhhh how cute! Am I really first?

Carolyn G said...

I love bad bunny! Just adorable.

carogonza1 (at)

Mossy Wife said...

Yay! So I promoted your blog in my status on facebook which will reach my 244 friends and maybe more...if people comment! Can I have the bunny??? Love you!