Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Mr Moss is EXTREME!

It is my brother's birthday today. He is 18 months younger than me and we used to do everything together. He is one of the few people that I let shorten my full name.

I didn't feel that I could do him justice in a birthday tribute and luckily, his wife - the lovely Mrs Moss -did it instead . Check it out.
Everything she says about him is true. He is a great dancer- I love dancing with him. We had a lot of fun dancing at his wedding and there is a video of it that I have never seen. (Maybe they are hiding it from me because I am not as great of a dancer as I think I am.....)

When Mr Moss was 19 he had his wisdom teeth taken out. My parents were out of town so I waited for him to come home from the dentist so I could take care of him. He waltzed in and mumbled through the novicaine that he was headed out with his friends to go skydiving. I protested because I am responsible. He went anyway.

The lovely Mrs Moss will have to post the video of his train hopping because it is insane.

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Verena said...

Wow! He sounds like quite the adventurer. I love the way you word things on your blog. It's like reading poetry. Although I'm not surprised. After seeing how darling you dressed your daughter at the ODS meeting I simply had to see your blog. I love your style.