Monday, September 07, 2009

How to Make the Politicians Squirm

This is the speech I am giving at the Tax Referral Tea Party today. The best part is that here I can publish the uncut version because there are no time restraints.

Make the Politicians Squirm!

by Samurai Mom (don't plagiarize!)

Are you tired of your representatives not representing you?

How many of us have taken the time to write to a legislator only to get a reply where it was obvious that they didn't even read the letter?

How many of us have been to a town hall and braved threats and bullies only to be frustrated by watching the politician wriggling and avoiding answering the questions asked?

When you have taken time off work and away from your family to speak to an elected official it is downright infuriating when that elected official is lying to your face and doesn't have the respect to answer your question.

It is hard to keep your cool and it is no wonder people across the country are shouting!

The politicians are plunging us into debt, increasing spending, committing the people to bills that they aren't even reading and then they have the nerve to ask for more of your money!

Then they have the audacity to lie to and ignore you!

So I ask again, Are you tired of your representatives not representing you?

Would you like to get through to your elected officials?

Do you want to be heard?

I had an opportunity to ask a question of Congressman Wu this summer and I have since been told time and again “everyone should ask questions like that.” Today I am going to teach you how to ask effective questions and get the politician's attention. I am going to teach you how to make the politicians squirm!

First, there are some things to keep in mind, some things to help you be effective:

-Yes or no questions will compel an answer or make them look jerk if they avoid the question.
-Be armed with facts so you will sound like you know what you are talking about and they will not be able to lie to you by sounding more informed.
-Be persistent. Back up other people asking questions. If you notice that a question is not being answered ask it again, and the next person ask and keep asking until it is answered. Imagine if there was a cascade of people asking the same question until it was answered.
-There is right and wrong DON'T be afraid to stand for right.

-If they have done something right point that out, and then ask your tough question. It will put them off guard.

And the hard one:

-Keep you temper in check, channel the anger into resolve rather than wasting it by shouting. If you lose your temper folks will remember a mean shouting person and will not remember your words.

Lets Review:

Yes or no questions


Keep your temper

Be persistent

Now the steps to asking an effective question:

First, notice what they are doing.

Tell them you see that they will not answer a question that has been repeatedly asked, that they continually vote to raise taxes, that they have made statements that accuse concerned citizens of being terrorists.

Second, hold them accountable.

Ask them for an explanation or a defense. Why did you vote for this bill.? Why will you not commit to reading bills? I would like an answer.

Third, inform them of the expectations.

We expect you to do vote in the interests of Oregonians, not your party. Things like, I expect you to read bills before voting on them!

Fourth, Explain the consequences.

This bill will force me to close my business and X people will lose their job. If you do or do not do this you WILL NOT BE RE-ELECTED.

Repeat after me:

Notice behavior

Hold accountable

Inform them of expectations

Explain the consequences


I think you are ready.

Great now go out and call, visit and write to your senators, representatives, governors, mayors, councilmen and and let's put the people back in charge of our country!

To repeat the question that got me here in the first place

“Will you commit to reading bills before voting on them?”

Congressman Wu, I am still waiting for an answer!

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Jessica said...

That last part was brilliant Kylene! LOVED IT! :)