Friday, September 04, 2009

September Deliberations

The problem with September is deciding what to wear.
The weather is still fine and it is perfectly acceptable to wear light summer clothes but the smell in the air and the angle of the sun suggests fall, long trousers and cozy knits. Boots and stylish scarves.
Each day I stand in my closet debating whether to wear my garden dress for possibly last time this year or wasting the sunshine and wearing my jeans...


Shawnel said...

i think that you need to wear your "sunny" clothes as long as you can.

Jessimo said...

I am way jealous you get to even think about wearing sweaters and cozy things right now. I have been getting the itch to...not just an itch even, but a serious CRAVING, for fall weather--the recognizable chill in the air, the occasional frost in the early mornings, the cloudy days, the turning leaves. I want to cry.