Wednesday, September 02, 2009

The Ranch Hand

I love a good reconstruction project and this one is my favorite right now, I want to wear it every single day. It started out as an extra large, never worn shirt from Goodwill. I came home, cut it up, sewed it back together again and added lots and lots and lots of lace. If there was a detail it got lace. The sleeves were tricky but I love the improvisational result. True to form there was little if any measuring involved just a lot of trial an error. Props to the factory who saw fit to add mauve colored mother of pearl snaps!


Keira said... know how I said you shouldn't wear this outfit to the Tea Party as I wasn't sure it would translate well on film. Please disregard. That looks fabulous!

Shawnel said...

Its really cute Kylee. Wish I had a fancy cowboy shirt.